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"I had a great day in art class..You are a great teacher" ---- Nancy

" I enjoyed the workshop with you VERY MUCH! It was a nice group. ..Thank you for your dedication, you really teach us, and we really learn."---- Margarita

"You have a good, kind way of critiquing and a fine personality for leading group interaction---very encouraging comments and well planned."
----- Margaret

"It has been most gratifying to have real instruction. It has been an excellent experience for me"---- Peggy

"Well worth the time and money"---- Connie

"Excellent workshop"---- David

"I liked the way you got through to a group of differing levels by concentrating on making art and not technique"---- Dale

"Your organized way of presenting the fundamentals of composition, color and shapes was extremely helpful"---- Jo

" I don't know when I have gotten so much out of five days"---- Molly

Thank you for being the inspiration for me to learn so much about the process of creating art. I hope to be lucky enough to take another class with you in the future."---- Carol

" I can't thank you enough for orchestrating such a splendid experience with lessons and impressions that will last and last."---- Joan

" Your teaching was so helpful.thank you for helping me so much in painting."---- Jean

"I thought you should know that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and being a part of your workshop"---- Ed

"I did want you to know that your workshop was a wonderful experience for me. I enjoyed every minute of it"---- Margaret

"You are a good teacher: one who demands some goals and discipline and who also leaves each one of us encouraged and with direction. Thanks"---- Catherine

"Excellent teacher: good suggestions, well planned time"---- Caroline